Monday, July 1, 2013

Miracle-Ear Foundation Better Serves Hearing Impaired

The Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation has been transformed to the Miracle-Ear Foundation in an effort to further empower underserved Americans with hearing loss. Through its new strategy and framework, the nonprofit will extend its reach to underprivileged children and adults with hearing loss, enhancing people’s life experiences through the gift of sound.

Started in 1990, by Miracle-Ear founder, Ken Dalhberg, the Foundation met the ever increasing needs of under-privileged children’s hearing health care. The Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation donated more than 6,500 hearing aids to over 4,100 children nationwide. “The Miracle-Ear Children’s Foundation, working in cooperation with Miracle-Ear centers, has impacted many communities across America,” said Jenni Hargraves Miracle-Ear Foundation Director. “But after further analyzing the environment, we found there’s an even greater need to help children and adults alike, so that has driven the change.”

With the launch of the Miracle-Ear Foundation comes an updated hearing aid program, Gift of Sound. This program serves both children and adults with hearing loss that have limited income and have exhausted all resources to improve their hearing health. Individuals who meet specific income and hearing loss requirements can work with any one of the 1,200 locations nationwide to receive hearing aids free of cost. 

The re-launched Foundation also invites potential donors to become Miracle Heroes, by contributing a tax-deductible gift that will enhance lives of people within their local communities.

The Foundation also has a new identity system. Its new logo is meant to complement the existing teal Miracle-Ear logo, while keeping it an identity of its own. Employing the same font as the old logo, the new symbol also includes a bridge icon. The icon represents helping the hearing impaired across the country.

To learn more about the Miracle-Ear foundation, eligibility requirements, or to become a Miracle Hero visit

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